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Pixis Drones Featured in USA Today: Transforming Night Skies with Drone Light Shows

We are thrilled to be featured in USA Today by Stephen Beard, showcasing how drone light shows are revolutionizing nighttime entertainment. The article, titled "Drone light shows turn night skies into a canvas. Why you don't want to miss them," explores the rise of drone art and animation in public spectacles.

Pixis Drones has been leading this exciting industry, creating stunning shows for events like game launches, TV premieres, and major sporting events, including Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles in 2022. Pixis Drones President Bernard Ozarowski, highlights the unique emotional connection these shows create, saying, "We can do what fireworks can't. We can tell a story and make people feel something."

The article delves into the intricate planning and technology behind these breathtaking displays, ensuring safety and an immersive experience. It also emphasizes the advantages of drone shows, such as being more pet-friendly and accessible for veterans with PTSD.

Discover more about how Pixis Drones and the drone light show industry are making magic in the night sky.

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