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Bandai Namco Pac-Man Shine On Drone Light Show

ClientBandai Namco
IndustryEntertainment & Media
DateOctober 12, 2023
LocationNew York City, NY

Beloved by retro gamers and current-gen fanatics alike, PAC-MAN is the rare video game mascot who has remained relevant over the decades.

But even the most experienced arcade gamer couldn’t have been prepared for what appeared in the New York City sky on a crisp Autumn night in October 2023. 

To promote their new brand campaign, PAC-MAN Shine On, Bandai Namco, with the help of Pixis, created one of the most amazing 3D drone light shows ever produced.

From a huge digital version of Pac himself, the ghosts, the dots, and the maze, this breathtaking show had everything but the classic in-game music you'll never forget - oh wait, it had that, too.  Shine on, Pac-Man. Shine on.

Drone Formation Highlights: Realistic animated gameplay, Giant Pac-man, and ghosts, Game logo.