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Breathtaking drone light shows bring brands, events, and venues to life.

Pixis drone shows blend innovative storytelling with entertainment to create branded aerial art displays that captivate audiences.


The NBA logo formed out of 500 lighted drones towering over New York City.

2022 NBA Draft Drone Show

Pixis Drones Bassmaster Classic 2023 Knoxville Drone Show. A formation of drones in the sky resembles the Bassmaster logo, featuring a green fish leaping into the air surrounded by an orange shield-shaped crest bearing the word "BASS" at the top.

2023 Bassmaster Classic Drone Show

A massive drone show display of the Candy Crush Saga 10th Year Anniversary Logo glows orange in the night sky above the New York City skyline.

Candy Crush 10th Anniversary Drone Show

An enormous drone formation of a blue unicorn with rainbow colored wings and mane in flight in the night skies above Santa Monica Beach for Paris Hilton's 11:11 Media drone show.

Paris Hilton 11:11 Media Launch & Anniversary Drone Show

An enormous soccerball floats in the night sky above BMO stadium, ad hundreds of lit-up drones fly in formation for a Pixis drone show.

Los Angeles Football Club Drone Show

A large formation of drones with multicolored lights take the shape of the BNP Paribas Open about the Indian Wells Tennis stadium.

BNP Paribas Open Drone Show

The F1 logo outlined in red dots formed out of drones for a drone show at night above a city skyline.

Formula One 10th Anniversary Drone Show


A massive drone light show formation depicts a football player catching a football in mid-air.


Curated messaging
amplified by stunning

Black crates bearing the Pixis Drones logo in white neatly stacked in rows outdoors on a sunny day.


drone technology

Members of the Pixis drone show field team survey a potential flight grid on a beach under a blue sunny sky. The Pixis team members stand with their backs turned to us, wearing black under bright yellow hazard vests; each wearing a white hard hat.


Decades of global event
execution and marketing

Three icons resembling spears, made out of lit-up drones, tower above a city at night.


Drone show programs that maximise
exposure and ROI


Glowing pink and red letters form the words "YOU DO YOU" in a drone show formation against a black sky.

Authentic replication of brand logos, marks, and colors

A purple grid of drones glows at night, hovering low to the ground in a neat grid formation as part of a routine flight test.

Scaleable and cost efficient

A crowded street in Nashville at night filled with people staring up in awe at a drone show formation depicting the headstock of a country guitar.

Safe and environmentally friendly

The phrase "WELCOME LEGENDS" glows in white dotted text in the night sky as two audience members stare up in amazement.

Quiet (audiences and their pets appreciate this!)


The NBA Logo.
The Nike Swoosh Logo
The Nascar Logo
F1 Logo
The BNP Paribas Logo.
The Candy Crush logo
The Discovery Logo
Logo for Paris Hilton's 11:11 Media Drone Show
The Bassmaster Logo
The LAFC Shield Logo
US Bank Logo
The Swedish House Mafia Logo
Deloitte Logo
Wynn Resorts Logo
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Logo
The Toronto Maple Leaves Logo
The Volkswagen Logo
The Brightly Software Logo
Vai Resort Logo
Edition Hotels Logo
Grey Cup Festival Logo
Gila River Resorts Logo
Desjardins logo


Our Pixis Team is constantly on the move! We are able and proud to produce drone light shows across the United States, as well as in Canada. No matter the type of event you are planning, our customized drone shows will amaze your audience.

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