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Summer Smash Drone Light Show by Cash App

ClientCash App
IndustryFinancial Services
DateJune 23, 2023
LocationBridgeview, IL

If you wanted to witness a convergance of the hottest, most influential hip hop talent in the music industry, the Summer Smash Music Festival in Bridgeview, Illinois was the only place to be in June, 2023.

The festival was also a place to witness the convergance of creativity and technology that only a drone light show can deliver.

Leading consumer financial platform Cash App was the sponsor of the festival, and brought Pixis on board to captivate the crowd of music fans - while simultaneously promote their brand, corporate partners, and the annual festival itself. It all come together with sight and sound for one night in the Midwest skies.  

Drone Formation Highlights: Summer Smash festival logo, Lyrical Lemonade logo, Animated ferris wheel, State of Illinois silhouette