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YPO Event at Fontainebleau Miami Beach Drone Show

DateMarch 4, 2024
LocationMiami Beach, FL

YPO is an organization built on celebrating excellence in leadership. Pixis is an innovator in the drone light show industry. The two met on a beach in Miami earlier this month, and the result was magical.

The Pixis drone light show was the headlining event at YPO’s annual Global Leadership Conference and represented a unique and powerful way to celebrate those in attendance. The presence of a drone light show, especially at private events and functions, sends a strong message of positivity, inspiration, and success. That made it the perfect choice for YPO and the 1,300 members of the organization in attendance.

Held at the historic Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, the 300-drone light show, built around a colorful tropical and oceanic theme, included stunning formations of flamingos levitating in the air, stingrays swimming through the sky, and other dreamlike images that held the audience spellbound.

It was an evening where business leaders from around the world had a chance to relax and enjoy the best drone light show in the business.