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HNTB 110th Anniversary Celebration Drone Show

DateMarch 6, 2024
LocationWaldorf Astoria Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Pixis helped leading infrastructure company HNTB commemorate its 110th Anniversary with an immersive drone light show featuring formations that celebrated the company’s impressive portfolio of civic projects. The private corporate event was held on the grounds of the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Orlando, Florida on a crystal clear Southern evening.

To salute a century-plus of high-profile projects, Pixis worked closely with HNTB to craft a 500-drone light show that featured recreations of actual projects from the company’s portfolio, including busy bridges with moving cars and traffic flow, highway interchanges, tunnels set against a city skyline, stadiums, airports, and more - all played to the oohs and ahs of company executives, employees, and invited event attendees. It all culminated with a digital drone fireworks formation - set off around the phrase “110 Years of Excellence” and closed with the HNTB logo.

The HNTB event was another shining example of how a drone light show from Pixis can be tailor-made to tell a client’s story in new and exciting ways—a combination of creativity and technology that can elevate a corporate event to something truly memorable.