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Finvi PowerUp 2024 Conference Drone Light Show

IndustryFinancial Technology
DateMarch 20, 2024
LocationSavannah, Georgia

On March 20th, 2024, the skies above Savannah were lit with the dazzling spectacle of 300 drones, as Pixis Drones partnered with Finvi to create a mesmerizing drone show for the PowerUp conference. This annual event, dedicated to education and networking for Finvi's clients, was elevated to new heights this year with a unique aerial display that seamlessly blended technology and artistry. The drones intricately formed various symbols significant to Finvi’s identity and industry, including the PowerUp logo, a universally recognized medical symbol reflecting their clientele in healthcare, and icons like a money sign and a vintage computer, nodding to their roots and evolution in the receivables and collections technology market.

The show didn't just highlight Finvi's corporate and industry associations; it also paid homage to an era of musical revolution, the 1970s to early 1980s, by depicting album covers from Boston, Pink Floyd, and the Steve Miller Band. This choice not only celebrated a time of significant creative and technical advancements in rock music, mirroring Finvi’s own journey in their field but also resonated well with the audience, adding a layer of nostalgic entertainment to the high-tech display. Pixis Drones masterfully orchestrated these elements, demonstrating their hallmark blend of marketing savvy and Hollywood flair, ensuring the show was not only visually striking but also rich with meaning.

The drone show at PowerUp 2024 wasn't just a demonstration of technical ability and creative vision; it was a powerful tool for building lasting brand engagement and loyalty, proving once again how innovative experiences can transform corporate events into memorable landmarks.