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Drone Light Shows for Native American's

Telling Stories in the Sky 


There are 574 federally recognized Native American communities or tribes in the United States, 229 of which are in Alaska—these communities also speak diverse languages and have unique cultural practices.

Storytelling is at the core of who Native Americans are—it's not just a way to pass the time; it's their lifeline to their heritage, traditions, and values. Through stories, they bridge the gap between generations, ensuring that the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors are preserved and carried forward. These narratives connect them to their land, spirituality, and identity, giving them a profound sense of belonging and purpose. Each story is like a thread in the tapestry of their culture, weaving together the past, present, and future and reminding them of the lessons that guide their path in life. 

In a rapidly changing world, storytelling remains a source of strength, resilience, and unity for our Native American communities. At Pixis, telling stories in the sky is what we do—and we're proud to work with Native Americans—to help them tell their stories, strengthen their communities, and build thriving enterprises


We believe in delivering value to our partners in the Native American community that goes beyond the show. When we partner with a Tribe to provide a series of shows over a calendar year at Tribal events and for their enterprises, we work with them to develop a tailored STEM program based on drone and drone light show technologies. 


An in-person STEM class on the day of a drone light show is an exhilarating experience that opens up a world of innovation and technological wonder to students. A tailored program can include hands-on activities, where students learn about aerodynamics, electronics, and coding principles, gaining practical skills relevant to the drone industry and broader STEM fields. 

Additionally, we can customize the STEM program to include online sessions where we work with students to design and execute their own captivating drone light show, inspiring them to think critically, problem-solve, and collaborate effectively.

Beyond the technical knowledge acquired, students develop a deep appreciation for the intersection of science and art, realizing the limitless potential of technology as a means of artistic expression.