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Imagining Epic Drone Light Shows in the Golden State

California's calendar of events offers a captivating canvas for the artistry of drone light shows, promising to dazzle both residents and visitors. The Golden State's events are known for their grandeur, from the iconic Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to the breathtaking Tournament of Roses Parade displays. Imagine the night sky coming alive with synchronized drones at the San Francisco Pride Parade, celebrating diversity, or illuminating the horizon with a spectacular San Diego Comic-Con International show. California's natural beauty, like the Big Sur coastline, can be a backdrop for drone light shows during environmental awareness events. These shows could blend technology and creativity to enhance the magic of the state's most cherished gatherings, leaving lasting impressions and contributing to the unique tapestry of California's event culture.


asset_imageCollege football's Rose Bowl game and the Tournament of Roses Parade are two of the most widely recognized events in the world. Long before it was the "Granddaddy of them all," the first Rose Bowl Game was played between Stanford and Michigan on January 1, 1902. This historic matchup set the stage for what would become a New Year's Day tradition for fans and families worldwide and a showcase for the beautiful city of Pasadena, California.

The clear night sky in Pasadena is perfect for a drone show - and the Rose Bowl committee that oversees the big game could tap into a rich history filled with memorable moments to feature in the drone formations. Numerous great football players have made their mark playing for one of the teams that hit the gridiron and this cathedral of football. In 1925, Notre Dame's Four Horsemen, led by the legendary Knute Rockne, became celebrities after knocking off heavily favored Oklahoma. It's a history filled with incredible stories, like the first college football blooper, which occurred when "Wrong Way" Riegels of Cal scooped up a fumble by opponent Georgia Tech and ran it back…to his endzone for a safety. In 1963, it was the scene of the "Greatest Game Ever Played" where USC and Wisconsin battled it out to the last whistle. Before he fell from grace, O.J. Simpson took the USC Football program to new heights in 1968 with a remarkable performance for USC against Ohio State, rushing for a Rose Bowl-record 247 yards, leaving an indelible mark on Rose Bowl history. Southern Cal was also half the occasion for the 2006 Texas vs. USC Classic, a thrilling duel between Texas and USC that is often regarded as one of the greatest college football games ever played, with Vince Young's iconic game-winning touchdown run. The proud legacy of the Rose Bowl was celebrated in 2014 with the playing of the 100th Rose Bowl, celebrating a century of tradition and memorable moments, showcasing the enduring legacy of this iconic sporting venue and the events that play there. What an incredible montage in the sky that would be!

The Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California, offers an extraordinary canvas for a mesmerizing drone light show, weaving together the rich tapestry of iconic moments from the Rose Bowl's storied history and the vibrant imagery associated with the Tournament of Roses. Imagine the night sky adorned with drones recreating legendary Rose Bowl moments, from unforgettable touchdowns to halftime performances by renowned artists. These captivating visuals would be seamlessly interwoven with the timeless symbols of the Tournament of Roses, such as the stunning rose floats and the iconic Tournament House. As the drones synchronize their dance to a symphony of music, spectators are transported through time, reliving the excitement of past Rose Bowls while celebrating the enduring beauty and tradition of this cherished Southern California event.



Presented by the California Restaurant AssociationSan Diego Restaurant Week celebrates the best from the region. Participating restaurants from Oceanside to Chula Vista will offer multi-course dinner and lunch menus. The San Diego Restaurant Week kickoff presents a unique and compelling opportunity to orchestrate a captivating drone light show. As the culinary event launches, picture the night sky becoming a canvas for a spectacular display of synchronized drones. These drones can take on the shapes of delectable dishes, from gourmet burgers to intricate sushi rolls, hovering above in a mesmerizing dance. The show could also incorporate iconic San Diego landmarks, like the majestic coastline or the city's renowned Balboa Park, to celebrate the city's beauty and vibrant culinary scene. With drones choreographed to the rhythms of delightful music, this aerial performance would set the stage for a week of culinary exploration and ignite the senses and anticipation of all those in attendance, marking the beginning of a delectable adventure in dining.



The founders of Sketchfest Comedy Festival in San Francisco have learned that when you bring legendary comic minds together in the same room, you will get something that's indeed next level. That's because Sketchfest veterans like Kids in the Hall, The State, and the Upright Citizens Brigade are constantly pushing one another to "go there" and deliver new, fresh, and innovative comedy, kind of like the drone light show business - where the race is always on to push the technology to its limits and leave audiences breathless.

The kickoff of San Francisco Sketchfest, an annual celebration of comedy and improvisation, presents an exciting opportunity to launch the Festival with a burst of creativity and technology. Imagine the night sky above San Francisco coming alive with a whimsical drone light show that mirrors the spirit of laughter and humor. These drones could take on the forms of iconic comedians, classic comedy props, and humorous symbols, all dancing in perfect synchronization. With laughter-inducing soundtracks and dazzling aerial choreography, this drone light show would set the stage for a month of comedic brilliance, delighting attendees and comedians alike. It would be a fitting tribute to the Festival's dedication to humor and a testament to the boundless possibilities of blending technology with entertainment.



There are Chinatown neighborhoods in metropolitan areas worldwide, but if you ask the people who know, San Francisco is the best of them all. The area's large Chinese and Chinese-American population ensures that the neighborhood will always be buzzing with traditional sites and delicious smells from the best Chinese restaurants anywhere in the world. But it's during the Chinese New Year holiday when San Francisco's Chinatown truly comes to life.

The opportunity to showcase a drone light show for the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco, featuring iconic imagery from the Year of the Dragon in 2024, is an exciting prospect. Picture the night sky illuminated with gracefully choreographed drones forming intricate Chinese zodiac symbols, vibrant dragons, and intricate lantern designs, all symbolizing the spirit of renewal and fortune that the new year brings. As the drones dance to traditional Chinese music, spectators are treated to a visual feast that pays homage to this rich cultural celebration. From majestic lion dances to the glowing lanterns that light up the parade route, this aerial performance would not only mark the beginning of the Year of the Dragon but also capture the essence of San Francisco's vibrant Chinatown and its enduring traditions, delighting the diverse audience gathered to welcome the new year.



Held annually in Los Angeles, California, the Academy Awards are arguably the most prestigious and respected award presentations in the world of entertainment. Almost every year, producers and editors create a montage - some years more than one - that pays tribute to particular film genres, actors, or other themed movie content from the past. Drone light shows could provide an entirely new way to craft these montages. Imagine a drone show in Santa Monica streamed live into the theater or with mixed or augmented reality to give extra depth and interactivity. The content for these shows could recreate almost anything in the sky, including the most critical and history-making moments from past Oscar nights, such as animation recreating scenes from Titanic to commemorate the night in 1998 when it took home a record 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, or in 2020 when Parasite broke international barriers for the industry and boosted the emerging Korean movie industry with its Best Picture win. A drone light show could recreate memorable Oscar night speeches from greats like Kathryn Hepburn, Sally Field, and others.

The opportunity to craft a drone light show for the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is a chance to add a new dimension of enchantment to Hollywood's most prestigious event. Picture the iconic Hollywood sign overlooking the city as a backdrop, with the night sky adorned by a synchronized ballet of drones forming intricate patterns and iconic imagery associated with cinema. Imagine drones creating the shimmering silhouette of the coveted Oscar statuette, scenes from timeless movies, and the visages of legendary actors and directors; all brought to life in breathtaking cinematic artistry. With the melodies of Academy Award-winning compositions as the soundtrack, this aerial performance would not only celebrate the magic of filmmaking but also pay homage to the creativity, talent, and dedication that define the film industry. It would undoubtedly be a visual masterpiece that adds an extra layer of enchantment to the Oscars, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.


asset_imageSince its launch in 1998, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival has featured some of the most groundbreaking music artists in the world. People might not know that many of those artists are also on the cutting edge of technology and are constantly seeking ways to incorporate innovation into their creative output. That makes the show the perfect place for next-level drone light shows.

Some artists, like Daft Punk and Gorillaz, who have performed at Coachella multiple times, would be ideal for including huge drone light shows into their sets, as they are already known for creating an immersive, mixed media presentation to accompany their music.

The opportunity to orchestrate a 1000-drone light show for Coachella, featuring images of iconic past performances, promises to be a dazzling homage to the Festival's storied history. Imagine the night sky above the desert landscape of Indio, California, and nearby Palm Springs, coming alive with the synchronized dance of drones, forming the likenesses of legendary artists who have graced the Coachella stages over the years. From the electrifying presence of Beyoncé and her unforgettable, career-defining performance in 2018 to the soulful crooning of Kendrick Lamar and the rock anthems of Radiohead, these drones would recreate the essence of each iconic performance in mesmerizing light displays. With music from these legendary sets filling the air, the drone show would transport festivalgoers back in time, celebrating the unforgettable moments that have made Coachella a mecca for music lovers worldwide. It would be a fitting tribute to the Festival's legacy and a testament to the power of technology to enhance the magic of live music.


asset_imageThe LA Times Festival of Books began as an annual event on the photogenic campus of UCLA in Westwood, California. The multi-day event saw its popularity grow exponentially over the years until space concerns forced organizers to move the event, ironically, to UCLA's biggest rivals, the University of Southern California.

Over the years, many illustrious authors have appeared live and in person at the Festival. These distinguished "alums" of the Festival include some of the best-selling writers of all time - Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling, horror master Stephen King, and arguably the most influential science fiction author of his, or any other generation, Ray Bradbury. Strong female voices have also made keynote speeches or signed books at the event, including acclaimed short story writer Joyce Carol Oates, author of The Handmaid's Tale, noted author and poet Margaret Atwood, poet laureate Toni Morrison, and many others, including Isabel Allende, Salman Rushdie, and fantasy and graphic novel writer Neil Gaiman.

The opportunity to launch the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books with a captivating drone light show is a brilliant way to set the stage for this literary celebration. Imagine the Los Angeles night sky above the University of Southern California campus adorned with a symphony of drones—each meticulously choreographed to form iconic literary symbols, beloved book covers, and the profiles of renowned authors. With the backdrop of the city's iconic skyline, these drones could create a breathtaking visual narrative that pays tribute to the power of storytelling and the magic of books. As the drones move in perfect harmony, the crowd would be transported into the world of literature, igniting excitement for the Festival's upcoming literary discussions, book signings, and the chance to engage with celebrated authors. It would be a captivating and memorable way to kick off this annual celebration of the written word in the heart of Los Angeles.



The opportunity to launch Pride Week in San Francisco with a mesmerizing drone light show featuring iconic images of LGBTQ+ leaders and milestones in the community's history would be a powerful and inclusive celebration of love, diversity, and equality. Picture the night sky over the city illuminated by a choreographed dance of drones, forming the likenesses of trailblazers like Marsha P. Johnson, Harvey Milk, Audre Lorde, and the activists of the Stonewall Riots. The show would also pay tribute to the historic election of Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay U.S. Senator. With music that underscores the resilience and triumph of the LGBTQ+ community, this aerial performance would serve as a reminder of the progress made and the work still ahead in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. It would be a breathtaking and emotional way to kick off a week of festivities that celebrate love, pride, and the unyielding spirit of the LGBTQ+ community in San Francisco and beyond.



Once upon a time, San Diego Comic-Con was all about the comics. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, they used to fill the Convention Center with comic books, comics, and people who created them or just like talking about them. Then Hollywood discovered the Con, and now every self-respecting geek (READ: us) can enjoy movie trailer premieres, new video games, big Marvel stars, and yes, the occasional comic book.

Some of the best gatherings during Comic-Con week take place in the evenings - in and around the buzziest neighborhoods in San Diego. Publishers and studios like to throw fun, themed affairs at night - and drone light shows are an incredible way to treat guests and show the gathered attendees for the Con that something big is happening with their IP, brand, or upcoming releases.

It's also an excellent way for Comic-Con itself to showcase or celebrate milestones. A drone light show over Downtown San Diego would be a mind-blowing way to bring the show to a close and could feature drone formations that recreate the most significant moments in San Diego Comic-Con history, such as the very first Comic-Con back in 1976 or the following year when Star Wars made its debut at the event. A sky-bound drone show tribute to Superman could celebrate the time at the 1978 show when Christopher Reeve shocked fans with a surprise appearance at the event. There have been so many memorable moments.

The opportunity to launch Comic-Con International in San Diego with a dazzling drone light show would be a geek's dream come true. Imagine the night sky above the San Diego Convention Center transformed into a canvas of iconic comic book heroes, beloved characters, and scenes from the rich world of pop culture. These meticulously choreographed drones would come together to form the shields of Captain America, the Bat-Signal, the TARDIS from "Doctor Who," and the iconic logos of Marvel and DC Comics. As the drones dance in perfect synchronization, the crowd is transported into the realms of their favorite comics, movies, and TV shows, igniting excitement for the convention's upcoming panels, cosplay, and the chance to meet their favorite creators and stars. It would be a visually stunning and unforgettable way to kick off the ultimate celebration of all things geek in San Diego.



The opportunity to kick off the Monterey Jazz Festival in California with a mesmerizing drone light show featuring iconic imagery from past festivals would be a harmonious celebration of jazz history and innovation. Imagine the night sky above the historic festival grounds adorned with a choreographed dance of drones, forming iconic scenes of legendary jazz performances, such as Miles Davis ushering in the electric jazz fusion era with a historic set at the 1964 festival or Ella Fitzgerald's captivating presence. These drones could recreate the ambiance of jam sessions in the Festival's early days, with silhouettes of saxophonists and trumpet players improvising in the night sky. The show could pay tribute to Monterey's role in shaping the jazz landscape and its ongoing commitment to showcasing world-class talent. With the timeless melodies of jazz as the soundtrack, this aerial performance would set the stage for a weekend of unforgettable music and serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Monterey Jazz Festival.



With more than 1.2 million individuals of Mexican descent living in Los Angeles, it should come as no surprise that Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead," is such a huge event in the City of Angels. In addition to the parties and family gatherings in areas such as East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights, there's a huge annual celebration of the holiday at Hollywood Forever, the most famous cemetery in Hollywood, that continues to draw more and more revelers each year. Can you imagine how atmospheric and cool it would be to see a drone light show - themed around the Day of the Dead - in the skies above the old mausoleums and tombstones of a bygone LA era?

The opportunity to create a drone light show to celebrate Día de los Muertos in Los Angeles presents a vibrant and culturally rich canvas for artistic expression. Imagine the night sky above LA's historic Olvera Street illuminated with a choreography of drones, each forming intricate patterns and iconic imagery associated with this beloved Mexican tradition. Calacas and calaveras, colorful marigolds, ofrendas, and sugar skulls could come to life in a breathtaking display, paying homage to the Festival's deep-rooted traditions and the importance of honoring loved ones who have passed. With the hauntingly beautiful melodies of mariachi music creatively mixed with pop hits as the soundtrack, this aerial performance would capture the spirit of Día de los Muertos and serve as a visual testament to the unity, remembrance, and celebration that define this culturally significant event.


From San Diego to Sacramento, the opportunities for incredible light shows are as diverse as the Golden State's magnificent landscape. We'd love to do shows for all of the fantastic events that we've outlined in this article, in addition to the California Poppy Festival, the Los Angeles MarathonBay to BreakersBottleRock Napa Valley, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, the Folsom Street Fair, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival, and dozens of other spectacular events in the Golden State!