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Imagining Drone Light Shows for 2024's Most Anticipated Movies, Shows, and Games

Imagining Drone Light Shows for 2024's Most Anticipated Movies, Shows, and Games

2023 was a massive year for two of the world's most dominant forms of entertainment over the previous three—movies and video games. People returned to movie theaters in droves for the first time since the pandemic to see gotta-catch-it-on-the-big-screen films like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Oppenheimer, and Barbie. Video games rebounded in a big way as well. After a two-year COVID-related slowdown in game development, hugely anticipated titles were released to both commercial and critical success, including Diablo IVBaldur's Gate 3Spider-Man 2, and Alan Wake 2. Now it's 2024, and the battle is on to become the biggest and baddest content of the year—and to do that, companies will need to make a big impact—the kind of impact that only a spectacular drone light show can deliver. Whether for a premiere party, launch announcement, or a fan event, a drone show is how marketing teams for game and movie studios create buzz, engagement, and dollars.


Fighting it Out in the Streets Above New York City

Tekken 8 | Bandai Namco | January 26, 2024

The Tekken franchise from Bandai Namco has always been about pushing the fighting genre further in terms of style, gameplay, graphics, and technical excellence. The eighth installment of the game, Tekken 8, is the latest to carry on that tradition. It also, quite simply, kicks serious a**. Although the game saw its initial release on January 25, an exciting 750-drone light show would be a phenomenal way to spark additional sales by promoting the game's top-flight reviews or announcing DLC, new characters, or even collaborations with other games or entertainment IPs. Imagine the skies over New York City, lit up with the unmistakable images of Jin Kazama and Heihachi Mishima in drone form. Suddenly, they spring to life and begin fighting in the sky! It would take the crowd's breath away and blow up every gaming-related social media channel. Groundbreaking AR and other mixed reality technologies could also be incorporated into the drone show to demonstrate gameplay as never before—further cementing Bandai Namco's reputation as an Innovator.


Final Fantasy Fans Fuel Festive Drone Show Over Los Angeles

Final Fantasy VII - Rebirth | Square Enix | February 29, 2024

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second game in a trilogy of modern takes on the original Final Fantasy VII - one of the most beloved and influential games ever made. Everything about FF7 Rebirth oozes technical excellence - from the graphics engine to the character models to the improved combat that respects the original while improving it in almost every aspect. The game's launch deserves a drone light show that is entirely next-level! Imagine a "count up" of Roman numerals: "I, II, III, IV, V, VI…VII. Once the magic number VII hits, the official FF7 Rebirth logo appears in the sky - working the crowd into a frenzy—this would be followed by drone formations faithfully recreating the travels aboard the game's new ship, the Shinra-8, as well as a big fight between characters Cait Sith and Yuffie - and the return of fan-favorite Elena to the game. The show is a chance to salute Final Fantasy's legion of fans and, at the same time, generate interest amongst those who have never played any of the games in the series. The 1000-drone light show launched near the Square Enix headquarters in El Segundo will enthrall gamers and non-gamers for miles across Los Angeles - and give Final Fantasy VII Rebirth the proper launch it deserves. 


The Battle for Spice Lands in the Desert Skies Over Las Vegas

Dune: Part Two | Warner Bros. Pictures | March 1, 2024

Critically acclaimed and a huge box office success, Dune (2020) delivered in a big way. But this franchise is just getting warmed up - with the next film in the series, Dune: Part Two, arriving in theaters this March to take everything we love about the continuing adventures of Paul Atreides to an entirely new level. A 1000-drone light show would be a love letter to fans and herald the arrival of Dune: Part Two to a moviegoing public that has been waiting patiently for almost four years to see the continuation of the story. Massive battles inspired by moments in the film, giant sandworms appearing and disappearing in the sky as if it were the desert, and lifelike images of Paul, Chani, Gurney, and more. There's always a good amount of chatter online about Dune, thanks to its longstanding fanbase, but the content of the premiere party's drone light show will be unprecedented. Viewable miles above the Las Vegas, Nevada desert sky, everyone who witnesses this event will feel compelled to share the footage - creating valuable engagement on major social media channels. But the drone show will generate more than "Dune Fomo"—a momentous event crucial to building awareness amongst those who did not see the first movie and boosting ticket sales on opening weekend and beyond. 


Los Angeles, California, is the Scene for a Panda's Triumphant Return

Kung Fu Panda 4 | Universal Pictures | March 8, 2024 

It's been eight long years since the last full theatrical release of a Kung Fu Panda movie. But one viewing of the trailer for the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 4 and hearing the unforgettable voice of Jack Black reprising his role as Po, the ultimate martial arts underdog, and we were entirely on board for a little more Kung Fu fun with our favorite monochromatic grandmaster. Imagine the buzz created by a 750-drone light show over Los Angeles, California, supporting Kung Fu Panda's premiere. It would be a creative and buzz-worthy way to signal the franchise's return. While hundreds of drones forming a giant smiling Po in the sky would be enough to stop the Internet, we can go even further with fully-animated scenes from the new movie - Po surrounded by a temple filled with deadly snakes and lizards, or Po training the next generation of warriors in his role as master. With such a long period since the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, a drone light show can be an essential part of sparking new interest in the franchise—reminding people why they fell in love with Po and the rest of the characters in the first place.


Award Winning Aliens Invade Austin 

3 Body Problem | Netflix Studios | March 21, 2024

Do you think you've seen it all when it comes to alien invasion movies? Think again, true believers, because a new series from Netflix Studios, 3 Body Problem, is an aliens-invade-earth story with twists, turns, and multiple surprises that will leave audiences on edge. Based on a book by Liu Cixin, an engineer who also happens to be China's most beloved science fiction author and a Hugo Award Winner, 3 Body Problem bounces back and forth in time—from the 1960s to the present day. A 500-drone light show at a Netflix launch party in Austin, Texas, could do things no other event can—like present stunning imagery from the past and present side by side using ideas and moments from the show or recreate one of the stunning invasion scenes from the series, with alien motherships moving unflinchingly across the horizon—emitting similar sounds and language to the extraterrestrials seen in the show. It would create a scary yet awe-inspiring spectacle that captivates the audience and gets them revved up for the season premiere. Netflix has used drone light shows in the past as a way to excite fans and establish themselves as a legitimate player in the Hollywood studio community.


Gargantuan Ghouls Take Flight Over NYC Skyline

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire | Sony | March 29, 2024 

There have been sequels and reboots to the beloved Ghostbusters movie franchise that debuted in 1986, but there's never been anything quite like Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire! Oh yeah, 2024 is the 40th anniversary of Ghostbusters! What an epic opportunity to pay tribute to Ivan Reitman, the original cast, and an iconic franchise with a 1000-drone light show in Central Park featuring enormous representations of Zuul, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, profiles of the original Ghostbusters in their iconic jumpsuits, the Ectomobile zipping across the night sky to bring down another ghost, along with imagery from the new film—this is the kind of show that can break the Internet—creating an emotional connection with children of the 80s while simultaneously inspiring fans of all ages to turn out for Frozen Empire and to celebrate the 40th birthday of a pop culture icon.


Titans Take To The Skies Over NYC

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire | Warner Bros. Pictures | March 29, 2024

Godzilla and King Kong have been capturing the imagination of filmgoers for decades—and have enjoyed renewed popularity with Godzilla vs. Kong, the recent black-and-white re-release of Godzilla Minus One (one of the most successful foreign films of all time), and the AppleTV+ series Monarch: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, these two ancient titans clash in an epic battle as humans unravel their intertwined origins and connection to Skull Island's mysteries. We think this is awesome! Well, specifically, it is an incredible opportunity to deliver a mesmerizing 1000-drone light show! Imagine seeing Godzilla and King Kong 500 feet tall, clashing in an epic battle over the Hudson River or Central Park! Talk about a traffic jam-inducing, break-the-internet kind of moment that builds buzz, gets people into the theater, and brings Godzilla and King Kong to life in the minds of a whole new generation of fans.


Unbelievable Underworld Battles Coming to NYC Hell's Kitchen

Hades II | Supergiant Games | Q2 2024

Released in 2020, the original Hades was like a breath of fresh air in the gaming world - an incredibly accomplished and polished indie game with technical excellence, silky smooth gameplay, and a genuinely funny and intelligent script backed by quality voice acting. And now it's time to see what Hades does for an encore! With such huge expectations for the sequel, creating a high-impact promotion to announce its release is vital—this is why we're psyched to see a Hades II 500-drone light show launched in New York City's Hell's Kitchen. It's the kind of event that will take the franchise to the next level - creating a spectacle that, like Hades II itself, is polished and brimming with confidence. Game fans will hardly believe their eyes when they see their favorite returning characters like Hades and Zeus back in action alongside the game's new heroine, Meilonoe - the Princess of the Underworld. The sky will be filled with color and motion as they all hack and slash their way through all new underworld environments with the coolest new weapons ever coded! The Hades II and Supergiant Games logos will be present throughout the show - including a QR code to download the demo, the game's release date, hashtags, and much more. 


Los Angeles Zoo Home to an Epic Man vs. Ape Drone Light Show

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes | 20th Century Pictures | May 10, 2024

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is the fourth movie in the franchise that has been wowing audiences for years. This is an important movie for 20th Century Pictures and its "Apes Universe," as the focus shifts to a new generation of characters and seeks to win over a new generation of fans. Imagine the Los Angeles Zoo as the site of the premiere party. Nearby, a 750-drone light show lights up the sky and begins forming images of these new characters—heroes and villains—to the world—with giant apes running through the sky, pursuing their human oppressors in a recreation of scenes from the film. It's all designed to impact audiences and get them thinking about Kingdom of the Planet Apes morning, noon, and night—making an emotional connection to the characters and the franchise. And where there's an impact, there's engagement—and its engagement creates the positive buzz needed to drive box office numbers in a crowded 2024 summer film market.


Getting Fans Revved Up for Furiosa in Vegas

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga | Warner Bros. Pictures | May 24, 2024

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is the prequel to the action-packed reboot that starred Tom Hardy and was directed by legendary Director George Miller. In this film, we learn Furiosa's killer backstory, but instead of Charlize Theron, the character is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Fans of 2016's Fury Road are hyped, naturally, but to attract new fans to the film and signal the arrival of this prequel. Imagine using a little experiential marketing magic and a temporary set in Las Vegas to represent the dystopian wasteland of the movies—and then, when night falls, launch a very viral 1000-drone light show as the headlining event of the premiere. There's never been a movie premiere party quite like that! It would draw social media engagement and entertainment media's attention from all corners. The drone light show would be designed to be as spectacular as one of Miller's intense set pieces from Fury Road or Furiosa - cars, trucks, and homemade vehicles beyond description, all engaged in a fierce race across the night sky. All buildings to a grand finale featuring a 500-foot Furiosa towering over the Las Vegas strip below. A movie like Furiosa is made using a sizable budget—but the value a studio gets from a single drone light show makes for furious ROI in the sky!


Bad Boys Ride Again in the Skies Over Miami Beach

Bad Boys 4 | Sony | June 14, 2024 

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are at it again—this time for the fourth installment of the fan-favorite buddy cop, action-comedy movie franchise Bad Boys 4. We can't wait for this one—it's been way too long since one of our favorite comedic duos set out to fight crime and, more often than not, each other. Launching this film with an epic 500-drone light show can re-spark massive interest in the franchise—with content from the event setting the Internet on fire! Imagine the premiere takes place in South Florida—the site of all the films—and lights up the night sky with classic imagery of Miami nightlife seen in or inspired by the fourth film, including neon palm trees, an art deco take on the Bad Boys logo, scenes from the beach, and of course lots of over-the-top action in fast cars and even faster planes—all while the classic sounds of the Bad Boys theme accompanies the show for maximum immersive effect. Watcha' gonna do? A drone light show can take a movie in its fourth installment and make it feel fresh and ready to kill at the box office.


An Awesome Aerial Show for Axel over Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F | Netflix Studios | Summer 2024

Axel is back; we're not falling for the old banana in the tailpipe trick this time! It's been 40 years since the original Beverly Hills Cop enjoyed mega-box office success and helped launch Eddie Murphy into superstardom. Now, decades after the hilarious original, Murphy returns to reprise his role as Detroit detective Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F—this is going to be good, and we can't wait! Netflix Studios has a chance to welcome a new generation of fans to the franchise and can kick it all off with a massively entertaining drone light show at the premiere party in Beverly Hills. The 750-drone show would include formations recreating the movie's iconic Los Angeles locations and iconography, like the classic Beverly Hills sign, the luxury shops of Rodeo Drive, the Capital Records building, and the Hollywood sign. A map of the United States can be featured to bring Axel's journey to life with a drone-animated airplane flying across the country from Detroit to Los Angeles. The drone light show can be accompanied by classic 80s music mixed with 21st-century hip hop and funk—and, of course, the unforgettable Axel's Theme by Harold Faltermeyer. To round it all off, we can launch an #AxelisBack hashtag to drive engagement with the drone show and the movie - building buzz up to the premiere date and beyond.


A Gaggle of Minions Make Mischief Over Atlanta 

Despicable Me 4 | Universal Pictures | July, 3, 2024 

How do you celebrate the upcoming release of Despicable Me 4 from Universal Studios and Illumination Animation? Three words: Minions, Minions, Minions. And what better way to showcase everybody's favorite capsule-shaped creatures - plus Gru, Agnes, Edith, Margo, and the rest of the family - than with a drone light show over downtown Atlanta, Georgia, featuring a hundred-plus flying Minions and much more. Just imagine the possibilities! Giant Minions. Hundreds of small Minions. Your favorite Minions (we fancy Bob). Gru and his family take on a feisty honey badger during a heist. All are animated in stunning drone formations across the sky to recreate their hijinx from the latest movie. Kids and adults of all ages - even those who think they know Minions - will be unprepared for what they see. This is going to be a big-time event. When footage of this 750-drone light show hits social media, it will shatter the Internet itself, creating organic conversations on social media and IRL for weeks after the show. That awareness will lead to more DM4 trailer views, translating into an even more successful opening weekend (and beyond) for the film. All this - plus a stronger emotional bond between fans and the film - before Despicable Me 4 even opens in theaters.


Fans Will Dig This Dazzling Vegas Drone Display for Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 | Walt Disney Studios | July 26, 2024

Like most things associated with the anti-hero lead character of Deadpool, the first announcement video for Deadpool 3 was shocking and unconventional, as star Ryan Reynolds introduced the project by having Hugh Jackman casually walk across the background and announce he'd be reprising his role as Wolverine for the project. The fans went wild - not just because of Jackman's return, but because it became clear that Deadpool would be crossing over into the MCU to wreak havoc for the first time. Set in a town as over-the-top and raunchy as the hero, a Las Vegas Deadpool 3 premiere party or special event would be an insane celebration befitting the edgy, funny, and often naughty character. Imagine the scene: a giant sing-along, with the words to a hilarious unofficial Deadpool theme song appearing in the sky and the classic Deadpool mask and logo bouncing underneath, showing the crowds what words to sing and when. Now, moments like that would create some genuinely viral content. The 750-drone light show could also include X-Men iconography and character images—celebrating their first appearance in the core MCU together. This is a huge movie for the future of the MCU, in many ways setting the tone for the next several Marvel movies the same way Iron Man and RDJ did decades ago—as such, it deserves a big drone light show that captivates audiences to kick it off. 


Breaking News: There's a 750-Foot Long Dragon Flying Over New York

House of the Dragon: Season 2 | HBO Studios | August, 2024 

The prequel series to the global sensation that was Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, is getting ready to stream its sophomore season this summer on MAX. The first season proved very successful for HBO Studios and was a suitable successor to the Game of Thrones legacy. HBO likes to do big, innovative things with its premiere parties and events, seeing them as part of industry celebrations and marketing opportunities. Imagine what a drone light show in New York City would look like for this epic second season of this blockbuster hit. There would be giant "drone dragons" flying overhead as the quests, each with markings and characteristics seen on the dragons seen in the show. You could also create a stunning montage of the crests and coat-of-arms symbols of the various houses and families in the show. Finally, what could be more potent than a finale featuring 750 drones creating the unmistakable image of the Iron Throne?


A Wonderfully Creepy Drone Light Show in New York City

Beetlejuice 2 | Warner Bros. Pictures | September 6, 2024 

We were so psyched when we heard that Warner Bros. had greenlit Beetlejuice 2, a sequel to the 1988 beloved comedy-horror classic Beetlejuice, one of our favorite movies ever. But it was the announcement that Director Tim Burton and stars Michael Keaton, Catherine O'Hara, and Winona Ryder were involved that a fever pitch of excitement set in. You've also got one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood in a starring role, Jenna Ortega, fresh from her star turn in the hit show Wednesday on Netflix. A 750-drone light show in Morningside Park in Manhattan, in the days and hours leading up to the sequel's September release, at a premiere night, an afterparty, or even a studio-sponsored costume party—a drone light show would be the centerpiece everyone was talking about the next day. Imagine the sky lit up with spooky imagery like a graveyard full of tombstones, with the titular Beetlejuice popping up from the ground and letting loose with his signature laugh, his head spinning around and around as seen in both the original and the new sequel. There would be modern art and futuristic furniture coming to life and dancing above the event—set to the music of Harry Belafonte—both a preview of the sequel and a nod to the original. It's all vital to the launch of a movie that, despite the original's success, must be introduced with a bang to capture the attention and entertainment dollars of a new generation of fans.


The Joker Returns to New York City

Joker: Folie à Deux | Warner Bros. Pictures | October 4, 2024

Since Joker hit movie theaters in 2019, it has delivered surprise after surprise. The movie was surprisingly dark and funny at the same time. Joaquin Phoenix would win the Oscar for Best Actor at the 2020 Academy Awards. Then came word that the sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux, would be a musical of all things—and that it would star Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. Wow. Just wow. Now, imagine how cool it would be to capture all this madness in a spectacular promotional drone light show above Gotham - aka New York City - that, like the film itself, creates several surprising and spellbinding images—not only on the screen but in the sky. To start the show, the DC Comics and Warner Bros logos would be recreated using 500 drones synced in perfect unison in the sky. This could be followed by a montage of the different Jokers seen in movies and TV shows over the years—Heath LedgerJack NicholsonBurgess Meredith, and Phoenix himself. We would see the drones form the unforgettable face of Lady Gaga and then watch as it morphs into the striking visage of Harley Quinn. It all adds up to one unforgettable premiere—essential to build awareness around the new direction the film is taking. 


A Jedi Forces an Epic Battle Over Los Angeles

Star Wars Outlaws | Ubisoft | Q4 2024

With no new Star Wars movies on the horizon, video games have become the primary means of expanding upon the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Outlaws looks to continue that legacy with a single-player adventure from 2019's wildly successful Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. A new Star Wars video game is always a cause for celebration, and when it's in the hands of a talented studio like Ubisoft, anticipation grows until release day. A Star Wars-themed drone light show is an outstanding way to help launch the game throughout the galaxy. The 750-drone show in Los Angeles could feature all the classic symbols and icons beloved by fans, including animated light sabers crashing into each other in the sky, Tie Fighters and X-Wings engaged in a thrilling aerial battle above the launch event, and more. The drone show would be synchronized to the classic John Williams score, mixed with new music from the Outlaws score and soundtrack, amplifying the nostalgia and creating an emotional connection with fans. Gaming launches are all about creating awareness and building buzz for pre-orders and launch day downloads—and nothing does that better than a promotional drone light show!


Symbiotes in the Skies Over San Francisco 

Venom 3 | Sony | November 8, 2024 

Tom Hardy is a natural playing the dual roles of Eddie Brock and the anti-hero force-of-nature symbiote that lives inside him, Venom. It's hard even to picture anyone else playing the role after the first two movies! Now, both sides of Hardy are back for Venom 3, the third installment of the series. With a crowded summer of superhero movies, it is crucial that studios, even those as big as Sony, bring the wow factor to their premiere event in San Francisco and promotional parties in and around Los Angeles. Imagine the possibilities of a Venom-themed 500-drone light show as the centerpiece of these events: the Venom logo—with tongue extended across the night sky, or the incredible sight of a drone light show where the face of Eddie Brock morphs into that of the Venom symbiote in dramatic fashion. It's an exciting opportunity to create indelible fight scenes overhead, as the drone formation creates massive moving sequences in the night sky. The world of superheroes is heating up once again, and a buzz-worthy launch for Venom 3 will put the film back into audience consciousness in a big way this summer. Movies like Venom 3 are all about the spectacle, and nothing creates spectacle or an emotional attachment with a film and its characters like a drone light show.


A Drone Show Spectacle in Santa Monica for a Spectacular Holiday Film

Red One | Netflix Studios | November 15, 2024

Say that fast three times; we tried, and it's hard! What are we getting at? It's all about imagining a 750-drone light show for Netflix's upcoming Holiday-with-a-twist movie, Red One. We have yet to learn much about the movie, but Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans are teaming up to save Christmas, so what else do you need to know? The movie premieres in November on Netflix, which is also the start of the Holiday-themed drone light show season. Integrating traditional holiday classic drone formations with content and imagery from Red One will be seamless. And if there's ever been a holiday film better suited for a drone light show tribute, we haven't seen it. Drone formations could perfectly capture that holiday spirit—but with a touch of super-spy, action-movie technology. We imagine the Santa Monica sky lit up with images of sleds with rocket launchers, Evans in full Captain America mode tossing bags of presents into chimneys with precision accuracy, and Dwayne deadlifting multiple reindeer simultaneously. Will it be all that, or something even wilder? One thing's for sure: a drone light show will help capture the attention of movie lovers who see the event live or capture it on social media channels.


A Wicked Good Musical Takes Flight Above Hollywood

Wicked Part 1 | Universal Pictures | November 20, 2024 

Wicked is one of the most beloved and successful Broadway musicals of all time, with an astounding 15-year run of packed houses and multiple Tony Award wins. This holiday season, the long-awaited film adaptation, Wicked Part 1, makes its way to theaters - the first of a two-movie series. The best way to capture the magic and spectacle of this unique take on the classic Wizard of Oz story is with the creative and technical wizardry of a 750-drone light show. An exciting and whimsical drone light show is both a powerful way to generate buzz and social media engagement around the film's release - and is also a gift to fans of all ages - a spellbinding way to salute longtime Wicked fans and also invite new moviegoers to the party with the most drone formations recreating the most exciting scenes and images from the film. Imagine hearing classic songs from the Original Soundtrack like Defying Gravity, Popular, The Wizard and I, and more - all as the drone formations dance overhead, accompanied by the music, in the skies above Hollywood and Los Angeles. Wicked is a story about seeing the world from a different perspective. A Wicked drone light show will change the perception of what is possible.


Giant Gladiators Fight Fiercely in the New York Skies

Gladiator 2 | Paramount Pictures | November 22, 2024 

It's been almost a quarter of a century since the original Gladiator thrilled audiences worldwide on its way to grossing over $500 million worldwide and bringing home five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Now, original Director Ridley Scott is back at the helm for Gladiator 2, and he's bringing Pedro Pascal! That alone is enough to get us lining up on opening night. It also sparks a lot of great ideas for a drone light show that would get everyone back in a Gladiator groove - and give the sequel a truly epic launch that combines creativity and the latest in drone technology. New York City would be the site, as the sky is transformed into a coliseum where 500 drones become warriors and gladiators bearing swords and shields - and engage in fights to the digital death. Besides promoting the premiere of Gladiator 2, the show would also be a chance for Paramount Pictures to salute Ridley Scott, who has been the visionary behind so many unforgettable films throughout his prolific career.


Nobody's Stopping Sonic For Speeding Over Los Angeles

Sonic 3 | Paramount Pictures | December 20, 2024

The first Sonic The Hedgehog movie in 2020 was a big winner in many ways. It won over audiences, slayed at the box office, and exceeded the expectations of a hard-to-please gaming fanbase. The franchise's third installment, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, is on tap, and the third time will be even more charming! If there was ever a video game made for a 750-drone light show, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is it. Seeing Sonic race and spin through rings high above the city would be a breathtaking experience for Hedgehog fans of all ages - and on a gorgeous Los Angeles night, it could be seen for miles and by thousands of potential ticket buyers. And you don't have to stop with Sonic, as his sidekick Knuckles could be launched for a little friendly competition, or watch them dip and dive overhead as they try to outwit classic game villain Shadow. The drone show would create internet-breaking content for weeks before the film's release - spiking advance ticket sales and creating a frenzy around Sonic 3 with gamers, fans, and movie lovers worldwide. 


A Vegas Drone Light Show fit for the King of the Jungle 

Mufasa: The Lion King | Walt Disney Studios | December 20, 2024

Whether it's an animated film or a hit Broadway musical, The Lion King continues to resonate with audiences who can't get enough of its timeless themes and emotional power. Now comes Disney's latest adaptation of the source material— Mufasa: The Lion King, a live-action musical helmed by the Academy Award-winning Director of Moonlight, Barry Jenkins. A massive 750-drone light show roars loudly overhead at the premiere event in one of the most theatrical cities in the world, Las Vegas. Imagine creating an experiential event that brings the magic of movies to the people, where classic images of the lead lions could morph into a spotlight formation on Mufasa, including a montage of the different logos and title cards for the films and the Julie Taymor Broadway show. Imagine fans of all ages looking up at the almost celestial vision of the Mufasa and other key characters from the pride, including Simba, Scar, and Nala, as they dance across the night sky. A drone light show would provide a fresh new approach to marketing a beloved cast of characters that has been with us for decades.


Storylines and Characters Tailor-Made for Super-Sized Drone Light Shows

From big sequels and prequels to all-new movies and games, 2024 will be a big year for filmgoers and gamers. With Marvel Studios, Disney, Warner BrosUbisoft, Nintendo, DC Comics, and other big-name players competing for the attention—and disposable income—of gamers and moviegoers, making the most of every marketing dollar and social media impression is more important than ever. A drone light show is a high-impact way to kick off a marketing campaign for a new film, show, or game that delivers impressive earned media attention and packs a powerful punch online as the showreels catch fire across social media channels worldwide.