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Senior Vice President, Sales

Martin has over 20 years of national event experience, marketing a broad range of global brands, including: GEICO, Heineken, Niantic and M&M Mars. Martin honed his experiential skill set in New York City, where he managed multiple venues, including the launch of the iconic nightlife destination Webster Hall. He has produced numerous high-profile concerts, such as the AOL Music Live series featuring Usher, Nelly and Avril Lavigne, and the award winning “Most Interesting Events in the World” for Dos Equis.

Martin is a storyteller at heart, but also possesses a mind for technology - a duality that allows him to push the boundaries of what is possible for his clients.

Describe how you felt the first time you saw a drone light show.
I was mesmerized - it affirmed the tech's storytelling potential.

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