SC Johnson RAID Drone Light Show





Client: SC Johnson RAID

Location: Houston, TX

Drones Used: 300

The Houston skyline was lit up by 300 drones to encourage attendees to join the fight against pesky pests with Raid.  

The drone light show was visible to spectators throughout the area, but the best view came from the POST Houston during Live DJ’s on Skylawn weekend event. Included elements were ants, spiders, and roaches in the night sky, oh my! 


A red and light purple drone animation of a spray can flies over the Houston skyline to celebrate Raid's Live DJ on Skylawn weekend event.
The Raid logo recreated with blue and yellow glowing drones in the night sky.
A red and yellow bug created in drones flys above Houston at a party hosted by Raid.
A spectator photographing the Raid New Years Eve light show in Houston.
Drones display a red insect over the Houston skyline.