The Ally400 in Nashville




JUNE 2022

#NASHCAR – The Ally400

Client: NASCAR

Location: Nashville, TN

Drones Used: 400

The downtown Nashville skyline was lit up by 400 drones, which celebrated music, racing, and the city itself. Generated almost 5K digital impressions. 

The drone light show was visible to spectators on Broadway as they faced Nissan Stadium. Included elements were partnership and event logos, guitar imagery, and a race car. 

A group of red and blue drones shaped as a blue guitar headstock with blue pegs and red "NSS" flying over onlooking spectators in the street in Nashville.
Dark purple drones with the text, "ally 400" above a drone replica of a miniature purple racetrack hovers outside of Nissan stadium in Nashville.
A large group of purple and blue drones taking flight out of a parking lot near a rainbow bridge in Nashville.
Drones hover over Nissan stadium, making up the shape of a red racecar with a purple "48" in the middle of the door, purple wheels, and blue lines mimicking tire smoke and tire marks.
A rainbow-colored fleet of drones lifting off out of a parking lot in Nashville.

Start your engines! Pixis Drones partnered with the Ally400 to lead an exhilirating race above Nashville, Tennessee. 

Coordinating a 400-drone swarm, the downtown skyline became a racetrack for a vibrant drone swarm display. The Ally 400 Nascar Cup Series Race drone show by Pixis Drones was front-and-center over the crowds in Nissan Stadium, showing off expertly animated designs including a speeding racecar and jamming guitar.

The buzz following the Ally400 drone light show earned additional fan engagement and media interest for the cup series around Nashville. If you want to bring new eyes to your marketing moment, look no further than Pixis Drones.

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