MARCH 2023


Client: Swanson Russel (Minnkota, Humminbird)

Location: Knoxville, TN

Drones Used: 350

In a case of client collaboration that went off like a dream, our creative team worked closesly with the marketing team at Swanson Russel to bring imagery from their existing brand videos and recreate them with a drone light show for the 2023 Bassmaster Classic.

350 drones were used to animate their brand logos, product demonstrations, and bass fishing iconography.
Illuminated drones form the Bassmaster Classic logo in the night sky above Knoxville.
A drone show depicting a fisherman reeling in his fishing pole. Illuminated drones fly in formation to make the shape.
Drones with colored lights form the shape of a hummingbird emitting green sonar waves.

Take your eyes off the water and look to the skies. Pixis Drones worked with the innovative thinkers at Swanson Russel to create a drone light show for the 2023 Bassmaster Classic — activating the first-ever drone show in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our challenge? To bring scenes from the Johnson Outdoors brand video to life with 350 drones. The 2023 Bassmaster Classic drone show put the world of competitive fishing up in lights, from a splashing big mouth bass to one of Minn Kota’s cruising boat motors.

Media coverage of the drone light show appeared across local stations, national networks, and social media, reeling in an Instagram comment from 2023 Bassmaster Classic winner, Jeff Gustafson.

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