SHOW Logistics

Q. How many drones are there in a show?

Our shows typically start at 200 drones. Larger shows can include 500 drones or more. 

Q. How long is a show?

Showtimes last approximately 12 minutes including launch and landing of drones. Multiple shows can also be flown in one night extending this time limit.

Q. Who flies the drones?

All shows are preprogrammed and flown by our FAA certified drone pilots.

Q. Can shows take place anywhere?

Shows can take place in most locations with proper permitting. Shows cannot fly over people, open roads, or in restricted airspace (i.e. near airports or helipads).

Q. How far away can a show be seen?

Drones fly at a maximum height of 400 feet above the ground and are visible up to four or five miles away depending on atmospheric conditions.

Q. How much does a show cost?

Show cost varies in price depending upon the number of drones, location, date(s) and the complexity of the programming. Discounts are applied for booking multiple shows.

Creative Process

Q. How much lead time is needed to create and produce a show?

Approximately 6-8 weeks from show conceptualization to launch. This process can be expedited in select cases. 

Q. What kind of visuals are possible?

Our dynamic shows can produce a combination of logos, shapes, imagery, and text.

Depth and richness of visuals depend on the number of drones used in the show. Smaller shows produce crisp 2D images, while larger shows deliver powerful 3D images with fluid transitions. In both scenarios, we can create complex dynamic visuals integrating logos, QR codes, figures, shapes, text and motion.

Q. Can music, narration or additional lighting be added to shows?

Absolutely! Audio or visual components can be integrated into any show.


Q. How does the weather impact shows?

Drone shows cannot take place in heavy precipitation or in wind speeds over 20 MPH.

Q. Are drone shows safe?

Our software builds geofences into the programming. If a drone malfunctions it automatically returns to its launch spot location. 

Q. Are special permits required?

Yes. Pixis retains the applicable FAA waivers required to fly anywhere within the United States. Additional permits may be required depending on the airspace where the show is located or for more than 500 drones.