2022 NBA Draft



JUNE 2022

2022 NBA Draft

Client: NBA

Location: New York, NY

Drones Used: 500

Brought the 2022 NBA Draft to life by executing the first-ever drone light show in New York City, featuring 500 drones. Generated over 50MM digital impressions from 13 different countries around the globe. 

The drone light show lit up the New York City skyline with the Statue of Liberty in the background and was visible to spectators at Liberty State Park and beyond. Included elements were a countdown clock, the NBA logo, and Draft caps of player selections. 


The red and blue drones text, "The future starts now" hovers over the water in New York City.
Red, purple, and blue drones in the shape of a man tipping his "2022" hat hovers the NYC skyline.
NBA Logo
Purple and blue drones taking off to begin their show for the NBA Draft in NYC. The Statue of Liberty is behind them.
Red and blue drones shaped like a basketball player taking a jumpshot fly over the Hudson river in support of the NBA draft in NYC.